How leaders are increasing productivity by increasing awareness

A recent article published in the Higher Education Review lists some benefits of getting leaders trained in civility and respect. Here are the benefits they list: 

  1. Better Understanding of Others
  2. Accepting Differences
  3. Change Unwanted Behavior
  4. Improved Communication
  5. Comfortable Work Environment
  6. Boosting Productivity

The bottom line is more productivity. More civility and respect leads to more productivity. The good news is, human beings are wired for cooperation – we are designed to live and work in groups. The bad news is that we are not wired to do this naturally. It is socialized. Someone has to teach us. This is where training comes in.

But not all trainings are created equal. To achieve real change, you need a learning experience that leverages strategies for adult learning and considers the reality of the polarized context we live in. 

At Breakview, we’ve ditched the term “political correctness” and opted for teaching strategies that lead to more respectful, open and honest communication between colleagues. We believe it is possible to bring a professional persona into your work context without feeling like you are walking on eggshells. It just takes a little awareness and skill. If you can get everyone on your team speaking the same language around civility and respect, you will no doubt increase their productivity.

Why get entire teams trained? Let’s use a metaphor to ponder this question. 

Which sounds better to you: treating illnesses one by one as they infect individual people (and often spread), or immunizing an entire group from that illness before it takes effect?

From our perspective as trainers, it is still commonplace for leaders to wait for an incident to occur before seeking training.  And to be fair, there is value in one-on-one individualized training and coaching. That being said, consider a world where entire teams are given the tools for preventing drama. They know how to navigate tricky situations and communicate their opinions with civility and respect, regardless of what they’re facing. In this world, leaders are happy, employees are happy, and work is getting done.

Article Referenced:  Benefits of Sensitivity Training for Managers  (by the HER Team)