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Pressure should bring us closer together

The idea that pressure, the pressure of conflict, should bring us closer together is both humorous on one level and seemingly trite on another.  Humorous in that if you are in a tight space, with the walls closing in, and nowhere to go, yes everyone will come closer together.

Yet, it really is about your approach. As the course designer, I am one-part comedian and two-parts logistician. The logistician in me always wins. Therefore, it is all about the process, a real process. You can deal with the most challenging people operating out of the most challenging circumstances if you follow a disciplined process.

The learning experience will give you a steady process for visualizing, thinking, and talking to transform conflict into collaboration.



  1. Introduction & Minds on
  2. What is conflict?
  3. A visual model of conflict
  4. Setting the conditions
  5. The SCARF model
  6. Your internal sentences and inner dialog
  7. Taking control of your inner dialog
  8. Attitude is really everything


  1. Conflict as an iceberg
  2. Words that bring people together
  3. The power of dialog
  4. Developing an intelligent practice
  5. Closing reflection

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