Consent: Sexual decision-making

Live Webinar

Duration: 2 hours.    -    Cost: 150


Whether it is a hookup (casual connection) or an ongoing relationship, it can be difficult to discern consent. At times, your partner’s communication may not be in your face or direct; therefore one should consider the physical, emotional, social, and psychological factors that affect decisions related to sexual relations.



Introduction & Minds on

Factors that affect decisions related to sexual relations

The social and legal concept of consent

Two opposing views of consent

Verbal and nonverbal communication with scenarios

Shifting behavior through implementation intentions

Duration: 2 hours.    -    Cost: 150

Sexual Harassment Self-study course

2-hour course

The interactive course is divided into two parts, Awareness and Prevention. In the Awareness section, we will unpack some simple principles to use boundaries thinking to discern gray area and inappropriate conduct. In the Prevention section, you will uncover the silent forces that can cause you to violate sexual boundaries in the workplace. It is suggested that you take notes to support you in discovering or reconnecting with ideas to help you meet your learning goal.

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What You'll Learn In The Self-study Course

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