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“The interactive course will support you in removing the limiting beliefs and values that hinder the benefits of diversity - innovation and the capacity to speak authentically to a wider market.” The pull of the status quo should never be underestimated. 

UNCONSCIOUS BIAS TRAINING will help you question the status quo and support the pursuit of organizational decency.



Develop mindful habits in all aspects of service in a diverse climate.


Master the skills, behavior, and attitude of a person who builds authentic connections with individuals across cultures (or outside their comfort zone).


Unconscious bias (simple stories) hinders the creation of authentic connections with colleagues, customers, clients, and anyone you interact with.


You can mitigate the impact of unconscious bias (value and respect others) by associating positive images and words with customers outside your comfort zone.


Unconscious bias prevents you from seeing the big picture or discerning  the impact of your behavior.


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