Diversity & Sensitivity

The interactive webinar is divided into three sections: Awareness, Analysis, and Action. Throughout the session, the facilitator uses several models, and discussion questions to help attendees focus on the impact of their behavior rather than intent. 

Cultural sensitivity for educators

One of the big ideas of the course is that educators have an obligation— legal, moral, and ethical— to support the well-being and success of those within their institution. That statement is true regardless of our emotional state, politics, our personal preferences, or pet peeves

Turning conflict into collaboration

The idea that pressure, the pressure of conflict, should bring us closer together is both humorous on one level and seemingly trite on another.  Humorous in that if you are in a tight space, with the walls closing in, and nowhere to go, yes everyone will come closer together.

Managing emotions

Self-regulation is not an impossible task. We will help you to discover and unpack the link between your thinking, emotions, and behavior.

Professional boundaries

The notion that boundaries bring people closer together seems astounding. After all, we can consider boundaries to be a like a fence.

Yet, it really is about purpose. The purpose of boundaries is to keep the bad out and allow the good into our relationships.

Sexual harassment

The course is offered in 2 formats: 2-hour and 5-hour webinar.

Racial sensitivity

The course is offered as a 2-hour 1-on-1 webinar with a live facilitator.

Unconscious bias training

The 2-hour interactive course will support you in removing the limiting beliefs and values that hinder the benefits of diversity - innovation and the capacity to speak authentically to a wider market.” The pull of the status quo should never be underestimated. 


Sensitivity Training

Diversity and sensitivity
Racial sensitivity
Sexual harassment
Cultural for educators
Unconscious Bias

Boundaries Training

Managing emotions
Professional boundaries
Managing conflict
Violence prevention


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