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Boundaries can bring us together

The notion that boundaries bring people closer together seems astounding. After all, we can consider boundaries to be a like a fence.

Yet, it really is about purpose. The purpose of boundaries is to keep the bad out and allow the good into our relationships.

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $400

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  1. Introduction & Minds on
  2. Boundaries and professional conduct
  3. Guiding principles of professional conduct
  4. Nine warning signs of boundaries violation in the workplace
  5. Nonviolent communication framework for honoring boundaries
  6. Using values to build strong productive relationships
  7. How can I be real and respect boundaries?
  8. A guide to thinking impact
  9. Trustworthiness and professional boundaries
  10. Unconscious attitudes and professional boundaries
  11. Avoiding the rush to judge
  12. Humor: Reflecting on its value
  13. Reading the face
  14. Personal next steps

The learning experience is an inquiry-driven exploration of boundaries in the context of an effective community.


  1. What practices support professional boundaries?
  2. What are some guiding principles to foster  focused and respectful interactions (communication)?
  3. What model can I use to ensure my personality does not overshadow others?
  4. What is the role of values in building strong relationships? 
  5. What are the six elements of nonviolent communication in a professional context?
  6. What is the relationship between unconscious bias and professional communication and conduct?
  7. What are my next steps?

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