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  • How leaders are increasing productivity by increasing awareness

    A recent article published in the Higher Education Review lists some benefits of getting leaders trained in civility and respect. Here are the benefits they list:  The bottom line is more productivity. More civility and respect leads to more productivity. The good news is, human beings are wired for cooperation – we are designed to…

  • Social location and Social mobility

    This is a brilliant video that unpacks the concept of social location and the benefits that accrue to individuals based on their location.

  • Productivity a definition – part 2

    In part 1, I made the bold statement that the number one job of a leader is productivity. Let’s continue with a general definition of productivity. Following this, we’ll delve into defining productivity in relation to your organization or specific jobs. One metric views productivity as the ratio between output volume and inputs. Simply put,…

  • Productivity – part 1

    As a leader, your number one responsibility is to increase productivity. Whether it’s improving employee productivity, employee efficiency, meeting deadlines, or staying on task, it’s all about using time wisely. Helping people to use their time wisely involves a little bit of leadership “beingness” and lots of “doingness”. It is often easy to look at…

  • self-study courses

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